Technical Questions & Qualtiy Control

How are replication and duplication different?
      Duplicated CDs or DVDs are also called burned discs. In discs made for duplication there is a specially formulated organic dye layer. This layer is literally burned by a laser to etch the information (videos, music, software, etc) onto the disc. Replicated CDs or DVDs are manufactured with the information stamped into the plastic. The first step in making a replicated disc is to create a stamper. The information from the master disc is used to create a mirror glass master. From this glass master, a metal stamper is made from which all replicated CDs and DVDs are pressed. The stamper is placed in an injection molding machine and molten plastic is injected into a mold and pressed under great pressure onto the metal stamper.

How do replicated CDs and DVDs compare to duplicated CDs and DVDs?
      The replicated discs and duplicated discs will essentially hold the same amount of information. They are the exact same size physically but the most noticeable difference is duplicated discs will normally have a purple, green or yellow tint on the bottom of the disc from the dye layer, whereas a replicated disc is silver on the bottom. Another difference to consider is the quality variation. Due to our stringent quality controls procedures, we guarantee all of our replicated discs will play in all players. However, with duplicated discs that is not always the case. Not all players will play back duplicated CDs or DVDs, regardless of the quality of media you choose.

Is it better to replicate or duplicate CDs and DVDs?
      It depends on the quantity and turn time needed. For a quantity less than 500 pieces or a job that needs to be turned very quickly, duplication may be the best option. There are some up front expenses that must be made for replication, but once the glass master and stampers are in place, it is typically less expensive to replicate than to duplicate blank CDs and DVDs. The rule of thumb we often use is if you have fewer than 500 discs to produce or need them completed in less than 5 work days, then we will duplicate the order.

How can I get my masters to you?
      You can either drop off the physical master in person at 1033 Elm Hill Pike in Nashville, or mail the masters to us. Please contact your salesperson before mailing.

You mentioned glass masters above in replication, what is a glass master?
      Glass Mastering is the first stage needed to create a stamper from which a replicated disc will be pressed. A computer controlled laser etches the disc information onto the glass master. The stamper is then used to physically "stamp" out each replicated disc.