Shipping FAQs

Where do you ship from?
    We ship from right here in Tennessee. You can pick up your order in our store location for no extra charge or have it delivered to you via FedEx for regular FedEx shipping costs.
What shipping methods do you use?
    Our primary shipping company is FedEx. We primarily use FedEx ground, but can accommodate faster shipping times if needed. Contact your salesperson to discuss the options for your specific order.
Can you send me a notification when my order is shipped?
    We send automatic email notifications of your shipment to the email address on file. If you have chosen to pickup your order in store, we will give you call when it is ready.
How long will it take for my package to arrive once it has shipped?
    It will depend on the specific delivery method chosen and your distance from Tennessee. Your salesperson can give you an estimated delivery time based on your location.